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7 Reason to Hire the Vancouver Home Inspector

by Alex Hales

Conducting a home inspection on your property is a wise decision, as it will allow you to avoid any issues. Here are 7 reasons why you should have one.

You’re close to buying a house. You’re looking to close your deal prior to when someone comes in and steals your price. Now, you’re thinking whether you really need an inspection of your home? The answer is yes.

While you may be able to purchase the property without conducting an inspection but you’ll miss out on many advantages. Therefore, the home inspection is typically highly recommended.

Are you wondering what benefits you could get? Then don’t stop reading now. Here are 7 reasons why you should hire the Vancouver Home Inspector.

To Ensure That You Don’t Waste Substantial Amounts of Money

Home purchases are an enormous investment. It’s not something you should do lightly. While your home might appear perfect on first inspection but it may have several issues underneath.

This is just one of the many reasons why you require an inspection of your home. A Vancouver Home Inspector will reveal problem points, and provide you with information on the amount you have to put into your property after you purchase it. This means that an inspection will make sure that you don’t lose large sums of money.

To Gain Leverage in the Transaction

In essence, the purchase of a home is a transaction. Yes, a house may be advertised at a specific price, but it does not mean that’s what it’ll be sold for. The goal for you, as a purchaser, should be to negotiate the price to the lowest price possible.

How do you persuade the seller to lower the price? One way is to help facilitate an inspection of the home and then use identified issues as leverage during negotiations.

To know what you’re Up Against

Certain homes are ready to be used. Others require major repairs. Many homes fall in the middle of the range.

In all cases, it’s good to be aware of what you’re facing. So, you can begin budgeting your money according to your needs. A Vancouver Home Inspector can assist you with this task.

Let’s say that after the inspection it is discovered it’s at its expiration date. If this is the case, you’ll realize that you must save up money to buy an upgrade to your toilet within the next few years. This will help you avoid spending too much on other things which will help keep your budget in check.

The one thing you do not want is to be swayed by buying a home. Many things could be lurking around every corner, and many could cause serious harm to your financial account.

To Discover Any Safety Hazards

Older homes are susceptible to significant degradation. As time passes the deterioration could cause numerous security hazards.

Although some of these dangers are obvious to the non-trained eye, the majority of them won’t be. Another reason why an inspection of your home is essential. It will help you identify possible safety risks.

It’s Extremely Cost-Effective

It’s possible that you’re thinking that home inspections are costly. But, when you consider the cost of the house you’ll purchase it’s actually an amount that’s barely a drop in the bucket. If you think about the fact that it can save thousands of dollars in repair, the solution is economical.

Most home inspections cost between $485 to $985. It’s true that this money is taken from our pockets however, its money that is essentially adding to the cost of your home. Therefore, if you’re paying $900, 00 to purchase your house without an inspection then you’ll pay $900,985 for the home that has the inspection.

You’re already paying other closing costs, the majority of which aren’t providing any added worth. This one is different and quite a bit at the price of. Don’t spend your money now.

How to avoid being in a corner, you must take steps to prevent yourself from being

If you place your bid for a house and you make a commitment to the purchase. The seller will not only expect you to buy the house and the property, but also the law. This is why you’ll be required to close the purchase.

What happens if you make a change of decision? Can rescinding the purchase expose you to legal actions? It is very likely.

If an inspection was conducted and the problem areas were discovered and you were able to fix them, you’d have reason to pull out of the deal and not be able to claim legal consequences. In the end that by having your home examined, you can prevent yourself from being pushed back into a rut.

To Determine Where the Home is in Its Maintenance Cycle

Every houses require regular maintenance. The scope of maintenance varies from HVAC replacements and foundation crack repairs, painting flooring, roofing and much more. As you may have guessed, each one of these projects takes a lot of cash.

In order to determine the amount you’ll need to spend on your home in the coming years, you must to get it checked. The inspection will show what stage the house is in its maintenance process and allow you to create your budget and then ask for reductions in costs if you need to.


Are you convinced? Are you in need of a Vancouver Home inspector for your home within Vancouver? If so, Than All Happy Home Inspections are the right people to talk to.

They are well-trained with the process of inspecting residential properties, having checked thousands of them in Vancouver We’ll ensure that the purchase is what appears to be.

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