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Tips On How To Pick The Best Keywords For Your Business SEO

by Alex Hales

Keywords are crucial to your search engine optimization (SEO) success. If you don’t use the right keywords — or insert the right ones into your content incorrectly or misleadingly — you won’t achieve the statistics you desire. Or worse, you can be penalized by Google. Hiring an experienced and competent SEO agency Toronto is a great way to leverage the power of keywords and boost your business SEO efforts. And to further help you out, we’ve compiled seven must-know tips below.

List down relevant topics based on your business offerings. If you work with an SEO agency Vancouver, you’ll find out that the very first thing they’d want to know is what your business is all about. For instance, what kind of services do you provide if you’re a cleaning company? Are you on the more sustainable side? Which cleaning techniques do you use? These are all important in identifying topic buckets, which will serve as the pillars of your SEO and content creation strategy.

Understand the different types of keywords. Short tail keywords are generic search terms; long tail keywords are more defined and usually contain at least four words. Then, there are the more hyper-specific ones, like geo-targeting keywords (terms that include locations). You need to use a good mix of these to reach your target audience.

Put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes. Search intent is important in choosing the right keywords and creating and optimizing content based on those. So you have to think like your target customer. What words or phrases will they use to find the products or services that you’re offering? Then, ensure that you have relevant content for those particular keywords.

Think of the overall buyer’s journey. For any dependable SEO agency Vancouver, a good SEO strategy entails optimizing the website for audiences across the whole customer journey. A group of your target audience may only be at the awareness stage while the others are at the consideration or decision stages. To cover all these areas, you must use different keywords based on different search intents.

Know what your competitors are doing. Apart from thinking about your ideal customers, you also have to be aware of your competitors. Visit their websites, read their blogs, and look at their metatags. Diligently studying your competition can help you deepen your keyword research. Plus, it’s also an opportunity to learn what you can do differently.

Utilize SEO tools. The digital space isn’t deprived of tools that can help businesses level up their SEO efforts. When it comes to keyword research alone, there’s already an array of tools available for you. These include Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Google Keyword Planner, among others. They are designed to help you list down keywords quickly and learn important elements about them (e.g. Search volume, intent).

Long Tail Keywords Benefits You Need To Know

If you are to work with a reputable SEO agency Vancouver, one key highlight of the services you’ll get is the incorporation of long tail keywords into your website and web pages. Here are the top benefits of using long tail keywords.

People often use long tail keywords in their searches. When you search for something on online via Google or any other search engine, you’ll notice that you tend to use long tail keywords. After all, they’re more specific, and they better capture your goal in your search. When you use such keywords, you’ll also optimize for voice search (long tail keywords are closer to conversational language than short tail ones) and semantic search (a data searching technique that aims to understand the underlying context of a search query).

Analyze, analyze, analyze. The task of an SEO agency Toronto doesn’t end with knowing and using the right keywords. Just as important is monitoring and analyzing the results. Also, it’s essential to look for new SEO rules and trends that could be beneficial when applied to your website and web pages.

An SEO agency Toronto or SEO agency Vancouver can help you optimize every aspect of your online presence. Contact us today and let our team at A.D. Pollock discuss how we can help your brand.

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