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A Guide to Take Care of Your Skin

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Irrespective of the skin type, everybody must follow a daily skincare routine to have good, young, and healthy-looking skin. A good skincare routine also helps with multiple skin concerns including acne, scarring, even dark spots, etc.

To follow a skincare routine you must be first aware of the type of skin you have which can be oily, dry, combination, or sensitive skin.  Knowing a skin type also helps in choosing the right cosmetics for yourself. Because using the wrong products can damage your skin. To learn more in detail about skincare routine, stick with us till the end.

Building a Daily Skin Care Routine

To build a good skincare routine you must follow the given basic steps daily twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed at night.

1.     Cleansing

Make sure to choose a cleanser that is gentle and mild for your skin. A cleanser should be such that it doesn’t leave your skin tight after a wash. You should use a cleanser or a face wash to clean your face no more than twice a day. In case you have extra dry skin then washing once a day is enough. When you wash your face more than necessary then you strip your skin of the natural oils which are a must to keep your skin healthy and glowing..

2.     Toner and Serums

After washing your face with a mild cleanser. Gently pat dry your skin and apply a good toner according to your skin type. There are multiple toners available in the market such as rose, cucumber, and witch hazel toner to mention a few. After applying toner, pamper your skin with a good serum which can be any including vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, or even hyaluronic acid.

These serums make your skin feel hydrated. A serum containing vitamin C, growth factors, or peptides is usually good for the morning routine. Whereas at night you must go with retinol which is a miracle for skin.

3.     Eye Cream

After toning your face and application of serum, you must apply a good eye cream to get rid of eye problems. Many people start facing issues like wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness under their eyes which make them look sick or tired. Therefore, lifting eye cream skincare is a must to make your eyes look fresh.

4.     Moisturizer

Like our body needs water to stay hydrated, our skin needs moisturizer to stay hydrated. Moisturizer is a must for every skin type even for oily skin. However, make sure to incorporate lightweight moisturizer when you have oily skin. For oily skin gel-based, non-comedogenic, and the one that does not clog pores is necessary. On the other hand, for dry skin types, more cream-based moisturizers are best. Most brands will label their products as gel or cream on their packaging.

5.     Sunscreen

In the end, prepare your skin with a good SPF-containing sunscreen like at least SPF 15. Sunscreen is a must even if you are staying indoors. But in case you are going outside then it is mandatory. It protects your skin against harmful sun radiation. Generally, darker skin tones need more sun protection because hyperpigmentation is harder to correct.

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