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Pair TP Link Extender to My Router

Can’t Pair TP Link Extender to My Router?

by Alex Hales

TP Link WiFi range extenders rank among the top WiFi devices, which are utilized by millions of users across the globe. Once it is configured, it can provide users with access to various features. The question is how do I achieve success with the TP Link WiFi extender setup and pair it with my router?

TP Link App Can Do Everything For You

Using the TP Link app, a user can:

  • Set up TP Link extender with ease

  • Connect it to the router without any problem

  • Update the firmware of the extender.

  • Keep track of online activities of kids, and do much more.

As with many other WiFi devices, TP Link WiFi range extenders could create technical difficulties for users. One of the most frequent questions we hear from users these days is “how to pair a TP Link extender with router”.

If you’re experiencing similar issues, following the suggestions in this article could prove helpful. Don’t delay and continue reading!

Here’s How to Fix TP Link Extender and Router Pairing Issue

Check Power Supply

If you’re among those who isn’t paying attention at the source of energy that is provided to the TP Link wireless extender then you’re putting your extender in serious technical issues. The first step you should take to fix the problem is to ensure that a constant and continuous power is supplied to the device.

See if your Devices are connected

TP Link extender as well as router pairing problem can occur when the extender and the router aren’t linked. If you’ve used one of the Ethernet cables to connect the TP Link extender and router, make sure that the cable is working correctly. Additionally, it’s recommended to check the Ethernet cable as well. It should be free of cuts.

If you’ve used wireless connection to connect your extender and router, be sure that you’re connected with the correct SSID, and that there’s not interference with WiFi by nearby wireless networks.

Once you are done with applying the above-mentioned TP Link troubleshooting tip, access tplinkrepeater.net on a desktop or laptop to see whether both your devices has now been paired or not.

Reduce Distance Between Extender and Router

Another reason for having issues pairing your TP Link extender and router is because your extender and router aren’t close to each other. To get the issue resolved, you should put the TP Link extender and router close to one another. Unplug the extender’s wall outlet and then attach it to the wall outlet next to your router.

Check that Extender’s Firmware is current

If you haven’t upgraded the firmware of your TP Link extender, then it’s time to upgrade it. Making a TP Link extender firmware update will not only help you in solving the issue of pairing between the devices but can also improve the performance of the extender.

If you want to change the firmware on the TP Link extender, all you have to do is access the tplinkrepeater login page, on the dashboard input the model number of your extender, and follow the instructions.

It is also possible to download firmware for your WiFi range extender by following the instructions on the TP Link app.


A faulty TP Link extender setup can result in issues when pairing your TP Link extender with router. To resolve the issue, ensure that you have set up your WiFi Range extender in a proper way.

Do you find the TP Link troubleshooting tips given in the article helpful when it comes to resolve the issue of pairing TP Link extender and router? If yes, share your feedback with us!

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