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Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands

Choose Hostbillo for Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands

by Alex Hales


As technology is evolving daily with new updates, everyone wants to have a solid and powerful server for their websites. To host a website on a strong server you need to buy it from a reliable host that helps you throughout the process. Because when you think about having a server there will be a lot of questions that may be arising in your mind. Questions like what does the package include, how much does it cost, what are the services that the host will provide, and many more like these.

So, now that you are here we are mentioning Hostbillo which is a top-notch web hosting provider in Netherlands. It provides Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands hosting that every online business owner can afford. Let’s get into the article to know more about Hostbillo web hosting company and the services it provides.

Hostbillo Web Hosting Company

Hostbillo is well renowned as the fastest evolving web hosting company all over the world. The quality of web hosting services it provides is commendable and nobody can match the network speed of the server that it provides. The aim of the company is to offer hyper-scale and high-grade web hosting services globally. Though, while providing the best in class hosting facility it does offer great deals for every customer. The services are all affordable and include the best hosting features that one needs for one’s website.

It’s been more than 10 years in the industry and you can imagine how much network the company has built over the years. The company has a great team that finds solutions to every problem that its customers face. Therefore, when you thought about buying top-notch hosting services then Hostbillo’s Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands is the p[erfect for your needs.

Why Should You Consider Hostbillo’s Netherlands Dedicated Server for Your Website?

Dedicated Server Netherlands

There are multiple reasons why should you choose Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server Netherlands hosting for your website. As Hostbillo is a reliable host that every website owner wants to work with since it offers the most affordable web hosting services and provides great services. However, here we are listing some of the points that you can consider.

Reliable Hosting Services

A web host that provides great packages and plans but does not deliver good hosting services fails to fulfill a customer’s expectations. That’s why getting a great package along with reliable hosting services from the host is necessary. And, here Hostbillo assures you to offer the best customer satisfactory services 24X7. It also offers a 7-day credit back guarantee for all its customers so that if you accidentally purchase the wrong plan, you can change to the right one. This is the best thing you get from any host to host your website on Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands.

Great Control

Hostbillo delivers an SSH root control facility with its Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands hosting. Having the root control means now you have full authority over the server and can customize it in whatever way you want. Now, you can operate it based on your requirements and install any web application that you may need for better safety.

Zero Downtime Free Migration

When migrating a site’s hosting to another everyone wants zero downtime during the process as this will affect the audience experience of the site. That’s why Hostbillo offers free migration services for your web business with zero downtime. So, your customers do not get any issues related to the server network. During the migration to Netherlands Dedicated Hosting, the company’s experts will assist you throughout the process and ensure no downtime for your website.

Support for All Programming Language

Hostbillo offers huge support for all the programming languages from CGI, Perl, Python, and PHP5 to all types of CMS WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many more. So, in whichever language, you want to develop your website Hostbillo’s Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands will support all.

SSL Certificate Security

With dedicated server hosting services, you get a dedicated IP for the website. And, this enables users to attain an SSL certificate for their website. An SSL certificate makes your customers trust fully on your website while doing any transactions. It encrypts user data and protects it from leaking data. So, at Hostbill, you can acquire an SSL certificate with a dedicated IP when opting for its Dedicated Server Hosting services in Netherlands.

Robust Network

Hostbillo provides a 99.90% network uptime guarantee with all its Web Hosting Services in Netherlands. As you get to choose the data center choice for your website network, you can have a robust network for your site that is close to your target audience.


So, other than the hosting packages that Hostbillo’s dedicated server has, you get the best hosting services with the hosting. Also, the plan does provide great protection to the site along with offering maximum storage, and bandwidth. The company’s Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands plan starts from $61 to $290 for a month. So, if you thinking of buying reliable and flexible hosting services then choose Hostbillo as your host.


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