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Documentary Circuit of an Import from China Work?

How does the Logistics and Documentary Circuit of an Import from China Work?

by Alex Hales

You have now successfully identified your product. Also to your supplier, with whom you have agreed delivery and payment terms. And the requirements for its importation (the quotation request and other aspects we will see in the next article). You already have the basics to know how to buy on Alibaba successfully.

  • Start of the process

From this moment, the Chinese supplier begins the production process. Once the merchandise is finish. And properly pack, depending on whether it is an air or sea shipment. Your supplier must prepare all the export documentation (Invoices, packing list, certifications, etc.) as request by you. This is essential, because they are the documents that will be require later in Arabic to nationalize the merchandise.

Next, the Chinese supplier contacts his forwarding agency in China, who collect the merchandise from his supplier’s warehouse. Then they transport it to their warehouse, where the packages are label. Weights and measurements are verified. Then prepare the air waybill AWB / or B/L in case of a sea shipment. All the original documentation is place in an envelope. And, together with the AWB, the merchandise is deliver to the airline’s handling. (Warehouse that receives and carries out security controls on cargo at the airport on behalf of the airline).

Once the merchandise has been correctly receive the Chinese freight forwarding agency proceeds to carry out the export customs clearance. Which, upon successful completion, delivers the corresponding release to the airline (certification that the merchandise has complie with all local regulations. is authorize to be shipp and is ready to be transport).

Finally, on the scheduled day and time of the flight, the handling of the airline in China proceeds to board the merchandise on the corresponding flight and the transport begins. If there are previous scales, the merchandise is previously unloaded in a country and then boards another plane or truck according to the airline’s logistics, until reaching the final destination.

  • Imported Goods

Your امازون بالعربي arrives in Arabic, but it is necessary to carry out the nationalization process beforehand. This begins when your Arabic forwarding agency or you are notified by the airline that your merchandise has already arrived in the country and is ready to be cleared from customs.

Then, your freight forwarder starts the process, depending on the nature of the product. This could require health, pharmacy, veterinary, phytosanitary, CITES, SOIVRE, etc. controls.

Likewise, you or your company should have the respective authorizations. And be registere with the corresponding organizations to comply with these requirements when applicable. Of course, all this must have been foreseen before carrying out the import (in the following article we will develop it in detail).

  • Telematic Statement

Your freight forwarder coordinates with the corresponding agencies and dates and times are established to comply with the corresponding inspections and controls. Once this phase is completed (normally it does not usually take more than 24 hours), the bodies involved issue the relevant certificates of conformity and, with them, and your forwarding agency proceeds to make the electronic declaration (DUA).

It is important to consider that the electronic declaration implies the payment of the corresponding tariffs and VAT, either using the guarantees of your forwarding agency before the Treasury or whether you pay directly through the 031 format.

As a result of the “Launch” of the electronic declaration (DUA),   the customs system assigns one of the following three possible circuits to the operation:

  • Green: Customs authorizes the release of the goods, the consignee of the goods is authorize the operation requeste in the DUA, in this case an import.
  • Orange: The customs authorities will carry out a documentary review before the importation prior to authorizing the release.
  • Red: The customs authorities will carry out a documentary review. And a physical control of the merchandise prior to authorizing the release.

These procedures may involve additional expenses and delays in the process but they are part of the normal procedure of import operations. Therefore, it is very important to keep in mind to know how to buy on Alibaba.

Once the release of merchandise has been obtain (removal of the merchandise dispatch in customs that is authorize because the customs debt has been pay or guarantee. And the corresponding import regulations have been complie with), the freight forwarding agency presents it to the airline’s handling. The corresponding fees and storage expenses, if any, are pay. And the merchandise is released to be removed from the airport / port.

Finally, your forwarding agency sends the assigned transport unit to pick up the load. And it is transported to the customer’s warehouse. The freight forwarder gives you the documentation and the DUA, which you must file for tax purposes. And this is how this first guide concludes to know how to buy on Alibaba.

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