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Electric Scooters for Students are they any Good?

Electric Scooters for Students are they any Good?

by Alex Hales

Are electric scooters good for students?

Going to college is an exciting time in a young person’s life, but finding a campus can be intimidating at first. An electric scooter is required for lessons from the hostel.

You can’t go to class like you just woke up because you overslept on your alarm clock. An electric scooter is the easiest and fastest way to get around the large campus.


Advantages of electric scooters for students;

Cheap to Own;

Going to university is expensive: tuition, housing, food, the list goes on. Some students are lucky enough to have parents who support them financially or get scholarships to their college, while others have to work to support their college life.

Electric scooters are a very inexpensive way to get around campus or work. Although an electric scooter is not cheap to buy, it does not cost a cent to run, especially if you want a good model. As long as you can charge your e-scooter when the battery runs out, it will cost you less.

Owning a car is every student’s dream. Perfect for weekend getaways and general travel. Unfortunately, owning a car comes with additional costs such as gas, permits and driver’s license. Also, students often own old used cars, which means that repairs and maintenance will increase later.



Young people are trying to make them aware of the environmental impact. In 2019, climate protests took place around the world and thousands of children and young people demonstrated in cities to fight against climate change.

It’s no secret that the car is not the most sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transportation. In the United States, vehicles cause a third of air pollution in the United States. Toxic exhaust gases are not only a problem, road construction also has a major impact on wildlife.

We are starting to see that some countries are trying to encourage people to turn to less polluting modes of transport. In the UK, the government plans to improve air quality by offering motorists cash to park their cars on public transport, bicycles or electric scooters.

Battery powered electric scooters are a more sustainable option than cars. Environmentally conscious students can rest easy knowing their electric scooters aren’t destroying the planet.

Comfort and compactness;

Electric scooters are convenient to carry. Many models are built with lightweight frames, making them easy to transport. Whether you’re taking them to a conference room or the library, you can tuck them under a chair or lean them against a wall so they’re out of the way.

Plus, the bedrooms are notoriously small, so the easy placement of the electric scooter under the bed is another plus. Electric scooters like the Rain One have a folding system that makes them very compact. Whether you need an e-scooter in your friend’s car or on public transport, that’s no problem with a foldable e-scooter.

The advantage of an Electric Scooter for adults over a bicycle or e-bike is that it eliminates these vehicles. Although locking your bike can be a deterrent, many bikes have their wheels or helmet stolen if left unattended for long periods.

No training or license is required;

Learning to drive takes time and money. Newbies need a driver’s license and usually have a certain number of hours behind the wheel before they can drive.

Bicycles require experience and confidence, which can be difficult for those who have never ridden before.

Electric scooters, on the other hand, do not require special skills. Electric scooters can also be used by adults who have never ridden a scooter before. College campuses are also good places to start using e-scooters because of their walkable streets and large study areas. Start by riding with very few people to get to know your scooter and test the basic functions.

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