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Five Ways to Save Money on a Kitchen Renovation

by Alex Hales

There are many ways to save money on kitchen renovations, no matter if you’re looking for a
complete overhaul or just a simple upgrade. Here are five ways to save money on a kitchen

renovation. While you’re planning your kitchen makeover, make sure to prioritize your must-
haves over your “nice to haves.” Think about the quality of appliances and materials, and the

overall finish level. Then you can look at the possibility of cutting back on large-budget items.
You may be able, for example, to save money on custom cabinetry. Or, a gold tap might make
your kitchen feel more luxurious. A beautiful tiled backsplash or statement floor may be less
costly than you think.
Four percent should be spent on plumbing and faucets. If the layout and water and gas lines are
in the same location, you can leave them as is. Changing up the look of your faucets will add to
the overall budget, but can add a lot of style. A new faucet can make a room look brighter and
more cost-effective. Major pipe rerouting can also impact plumbing costs. In most cases,
plumbing expenses should be kept to less than 4 percent of total cost.
Another way to save on kitchen renovations is to use a statement Wall. You can choose bold
colors for your kitchen, or you can substitute a tile pattern to be the backsplash. Another way to
save money on cabinets is to replace them. Look out for remnants or closeouts of tile. Be sure to
check the square footage before making a decision. If you know how much space your space
allows, you can do it yourself.
Depending on the type and style of stainless steel appliances, they can cost up to $6000. You
can save money if you choose to purchase cheaper versions of these appliances. But, make
sure to factor in the labor costs if you decide to upgrade your appliances. High-quality materials
can also help you save money. High-end materials like marble and granite can be expensive.
You may want to keep your budget under control by sticking with the current layout. This way,
you’ll save money on structural work, electrical and plumbing upgrades.
Refacing your cabinets is a great way to save money on kitchen renovations. Refacing involves
removing old cabinet doors and boxes. Refacing existing boxes with a veneer, or laminate will
cost half the price of a complete replacement. Older cabinets may be worth more than you
realize. You won’t have the hassle of ripping off half the tiles. Additionally, you might consider
buying a new countertop or backsplash and paint.
A good way to reduce the cost of a kitchen remodel is to measure the space. While a smaller
kitchen may cost about $5,000, a larger one can cost up to $60,000. You should also consider
that a large kitchen will require more drywall and flooring. A kitchen measuring more than 70
square foot will cost you between $5k and $20k. A larger kitchen could cost as much as 200
square footage.
A new backsplash and new countertops can also liven up a dark kitchen on a budget. Bold
colors or patterned wallpapers can add style to a kitchen. You can also choose a modern
pendant lamp with a Roman shade. You can also keep your existing sink and faucet if they still
work. Install a white penny tile backsplash instead of a standard 4×4 inch tile. This will give you a
more contemporary, streamlined look. Glass cabinet doors will let light in and allow you to see

your favorite dishware.
A major part of a kitchen renovation is adding new countertops. New cabinets can range in price
from $2,000 to $30,000. You can save a few hundred dollars by taking out the old ones. New
flooring is another important aspect of a kitchen renovation. A new tile or laminate floor can
change the look of the space, but it can also increase the price. Many budget-friendly kitchen
flooring options are available. They look great and can be purchased for less than 1,000 dollars.

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