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Four Tips to Have a Beautiful Lawn

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The most admired feature or part of the garden is its lawn, which is desired the most, all around the world. With the beginning of the outdoor season, the demand for lawns increases as everyone wishes to enjoy their time with family or friends in their beautiful lawn.

A lawn that proves to be a source of pride and happiness for the overall neighborhood. You can have this reality if proper steps are taken for lawn care to keep the lawn lush and green. To guide you with this we have sorted out a list of essential things to have in mind.  Here are the top four ways to assist you in search of your lavish lawn in the garden.

1. Cutting

The frequent and regular cutting and maintenance of the lawn is necessary as it increases the thickness of the grass. In context to cutting methods, minimal but often is a safer bet than all in one go. While mowing, a good way is to shift directions as well as patterns so that grass straws do not get suppressed in a similar direction each time.

The rule of thumb is to cut the stem around half to approximately 5 cm. In peak summers usually, it is better to maintain the grass a little longer, as it will hold up against periods of drought more effectively.

2. Fertilizing

While cutting the grass, the nutrients present in the grass are also removed and that needs to be replaced to secure the maximum growth. With every spring season initiation, you must fertilize the lawn every month.

The necessary elements of fertilizers like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the key food for the grass and are easily available at the garden retailer. However, make sure that you use the amount as has been advised on the packaging.

3. Watering

If you are wishing for a lawn that is all green and lush in summer, then the process of watering is a must. The amount of watering needed for plants depends upon the humidity and temperature. The dehydrated sort of grass turns blue-grayish and the leaf blades curl up which is your cue to water the grass.

However new plants or grass might need watering once a day so that the planted seeds can germinate and develop. Nowadays, watering gardens has become easy due to sprinklers and automated systems.

4. Weed Control

The battle against weeds in your garden can be successfully won by consistent efforts and techniques. You can remove most of the weeds via mechanical means while the rest can be removed by manual scarifier which disturbs and hampers the growth of smaller weeds.

Whereas, you can remove dandelions and daisies using a root weeder. You must remove these weeds deeply from the root to prevent the regrowth. If none of these tactics seems to be effective then you must consider the use of herbicides. In case the weeds are more in quantity than grass, then you must restructure the entire soil.

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