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Google Gravity Tricks That Will Leave You Charmed!

by Alex Hales

Forget the Google search tool, do you want to try something new, unique, and crazy? Here we bring you a list of some of the coolest Google Gravity tricks that will surely leave you spellbound.

What is Google Gravity?

Google is known for integrating various tricks into its own service. Such a trick is Google Gravity. Okay, let me explain to you in simple terms, have you ever seen your web pages turn over or fall down? This is nothing more than a ploy to impress you. In Google Gravity Tricks you can find many more interesting and cool things. Essentially, the content of a web page is subject to gravitational attraction, and it begins to act unfavorably under the influence of Google’s gravity. Google Gravity has a lot of interesting tools and tricks that are sure to confuse anyone. So, if you want to do something unique and crazy online, try these Google Gravity tricks for pure fun and enjoyment.

Google Space

Google Space is a very interesting Google Gravity tool. This causes the content of the Google home page to move as if it were in space. Search results also pop up when you search for a specific keyword. You can also move different elements back and forth and make them collide with each other. Depending on the speed of the collision and the size of the colliding objects, different objects move back and forth at different speeds. Google has a new trick I m feeling curious about that is called fun facts. It is also written as i m feeling curious.

Google Gravity is another cool Google Gravity trick whereby you can see the contents of a Google webpage fall as if by gravity. Here you can also play with the contents, push them against each other and see how they fall under the force of gravity.

Do a Barrel Roll is a fairly simple trick that performs a barrel roll on the Google homepage. To do this, simply type “Make a Barrel” in the Google search bar or visit the website.

Google Underwater

Google Underwater is also a good Google Gravity tool. Here the homepage is submerged and you can play with waves and fish. Waves are created when you move and click the mouse, and you can also control the movement of the fish in the same way. When you press the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, gifts and coins are showered, which can also be moved in a similar way.

Google Terminal

Google Terminal is another interesting tool that shows what Google would have looked like in the 80s and how it could be accessed using the command line. You are also given the option to enter a search string, after which an error message is displayed.

Finding Chuck Norris is Google’s hilarious gravity to show that Google can’t search for Chuck Norris since Chuck Norris is the one who finds you. It also warns you to run, try as another person, or try to find something less dangerous.

Google Mirror

Google Mirror is another Google Gravity tool that creates a mirrored version of Google search queries. You can also search here, and the search results are mirrored. The search results can be clicked on and you can view the search results.

Google Gravity Mirror is a tool that displays the content of the Google homepage, is mirrored and falls freely under the force of gravity. However, the content of the web page stays at the bottom and does not move.


Google Black inverts the colors of a web page and can be toggled between original and inverted colors by clicking the “Search  and “I’m Feeling Lucky” buttons. The content of the web page is also inverted.

Google Tilt is another Gravity tool that tilts the Google web page a bit. You can then perform multiple searches within it. Also, read it.

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush is an interesting Google Gravity game where zeros destroy search results. To score more points, you must destroy as many zeros as possible. Depending on your performance, the results display your APM score and count, which can then be published. To play this game, all you have to do is type Zerg Rush in the Google search bar.

Weenie Google is a scaled-down version of  that displays searches at a smaller size than regular searches.

EPIC Google is the exact opposite of Weenie. Here, the search terms look pretty gigantic compared to Google.

super Mario brothers

As a tribute to Super Mario Brothers,  included a small Easter egg in its search engine. If you click on the symbolic Super Mario Brothers brick with a question mark, coins will drop out and a score of 200 will be displayed. If you click 100 times, it will make one sound.

In Google Loco, the content of a  web page falls as if the web page were a building falling under the impact of an earthquake.

Recursion and anagram search

This is a hilarious Google joke that makes you question your spelling skills. If you type recursion into the search box, the results are displayed along with the question. Did you mean: recursion? If you search for an anagram, the result will show if you mean “saw the ram”.

Rainbow Google

Rainbow Google shows the contents of the Google homepage in a rather colorful version based on the colors of the rainbow. Rainbow colors continue to flash on the main page. You can also search using this. On the search results page, the results are also displayed in their natural color, while static results are displayed in colorful rainbow colors.


MentalPlex was Google’s April Fools’ prank. A spinning disk is displayed here, which you should look at and prepare a mental image search. Then you need to click on the spinning disc, after which you will see the fun results. You can also do a regular keyword search, but the regular results will be displayed.

Google Guitar

Google Guitar is a very interesting Google Gravity tool that allows you to play tunes with your keyboard. There are some interesting options that allow you to record a melody and play it when you click on the generated link. However, there are some ringtones that can be played using the keyboard and mouse.

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