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How Do Attendees Benefit From A Webinar?

Webinar Benefits

by Alex Hales

The online versions of the live corporate events which include keynote presentations, product reveals, panel discussions, and all the other aspects of a live event are streamed over the internet. Rather than happening in a live physical location and the hassle of traveling to the event, the attendees can watch all the presentations online.

There are many different aspects of a virtual event and it is difficult to compete with the live ones. The live events have advantages like having personal reactions and participation and the networking opportunities are all better. The reason why virtual events have been preferred over all this is the reach. Since the event is conducted online, any person from any part of the world can attend the event.

A lot of people prefer virtual events because they are comparatively cheaper and the attendee does not have to pay for lodging services, travel expenses, food, or admission to the event. These events cost less not only for the attendees but for the organizers. They don’t need to put up with the tantrums of the guest or spend on their stay, food and even the requirement of the staff reduces. The streaming software is capable enough to handle most of the things on its own.



For a virtual event planner, one of the major considerations is whether to pre-record the video and post it online or have a live stream. There are many different aspects to be considered in both. Whether to have an on-camera presentation or a pre-produced one there are pros and cons to both.

Different secure live streaming tools allow for a more smooth human interaction whereas, in the case of a pre-recorded video, the event goes off without any sort of interruption or glitch. If there is confusion between both, then a mix of both can be used which helps to create a perfect balance for the event.



There are pros and cons to a live stream event too.

  •   Interaction immediacy

This is a factor that is not named much but is a very important one. The feeling of watching something live and then knowing that you have the right to ask and clear doubts at any time of the event produces a better human connection.

  •   Low cost

In terms of cost, there are many different ways in which a live event saves money. A lot of extra expenditure is saved depending on the needs of the organizer or their expectations from the event. Even a smartphone with a camera or a laptop can be used to stream, the only restriction being a high production value.

  •   Higher interaction

With streaming platforms today, the host can use many different applications to increase the interaction with the audience. The audience can be asked to take part in the Q&A, polls, and games and it builds an entirely different community all on its own.

  •   Time consumption

Every presentation conducted using an online event streaming platform requires some amount of time to get completed. It requires rehearsal, and assets and the production content involved is less. Some of the content that is shown in the presentations is pre-produced because the higher production values make it more cumbersome.



Since both are opposite, the positives of a pre-recorded event are the negatives of a live stream. For an event to be pre-recorded a lot of prior planning is needed but after that, the stress level reduces considerably and the execution is carried out smoother. The chances of making a mistake are reduced as the presenter has extra control over the event.

  •   Number of retakes

In the case of a live stream presentation, what is done for the first time is the final output and there is no chance of a retake. For a pre-recorded event, if a screw-up happens, it can be recorded all over again. The presenter can take two, three, four, or how many retakes they need until they are satisfied with the video. This is why usually a pre-recorded video is smoother compared to a live stream.

  •   Amount of flexibility

Since control is more on how the content is to be presented, the makers of the video can take their time and add whatever they want to the video. Whether it is an animation or a gif, all of it can be added. In pre-produced content, even the characters can be zipped around and come up after it. All of these add-ons in a video to make it more interesting can be done once the content is produced beforehand and the final aim is to make it more appealing and interesting.

  •   Wow factor

In the case of the presentations conducted virtually, there is a better opportunity to merge the elements of an in-person event with technically advanced and creative tools. The graphics, motion, effects, sound, and music is an integral part of any presentation and everything starts to look better once it consists of all this. The time to put in all of this in a pre-recorded event is given and the presentation can be polished to give it a high sheen.



Since technology is leaping forward and the magnitude with which it is improving is high, a lot of impossible things can be done nowadays. With the latest advancements in AI, the presenters and the audience have gained several benefits which help to increase engagement in the event. The keynote presentations are aimed to be so captivating that they can actually be shared and networked around with people with the same professional background.

Streaming software, like Mixhubb, is an example of technological advancements and it shows how events can be conducted smoothly even from a distance. There are different ways in such software that help to make the presentation memorable. One can see how engaged their audience is at any time of the event and can interact with them to enhance learning.

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