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How to Find Best Cream for Face Glow

by Alex Hales

While choosing a cream, you have to keep in mind your skin type whether your skin is oily or dry. Along with this, it is also important to keep an eye on the combination of ingredients put in the cream. So that you can understand what combination of things will give you better results according to the needs of your skin at the present time. Therefore, know here which combination should be chosen while buying a cream depending on what kind of symptoms appear on the skin. How To Choose Best Cream for Face Glow and health.

Right way to choose cream

The creams we use to remove most of the skin imperfections. Most of those creams and lotions contain silicone as a main ingredient. While together with other ingredients different combinations are made. For example, honey-almond, milk-cream, aloe vera-vitamin-E etc.
Now the thing to understand is that which combination you should choose for yourself. How do you know which mixture your skin needs at the moment? Because the needs of the skin change according to the season and environment. In such a situation, you should also change your cream. So know its solution here.
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Is silicone safe

Silicone used on the skin is the main ingredient of beauty products. You can use the cream and lotion prepared from this on your skin continuously for 8 to 24 hours.
Therefore, while choosing cosmetic products, make sure to check the silicon dioxide in the ingredients list given on the outside of the product. Especially when you are looking for a cream to lighten your skin blemishes and heal wounds.

Honey with silicone

It has been proved in many researches that honey works very effectively in healing deep scars and wounds of the skin. Therefore, if you have deep marks of pimples or bruises etc. on your skin, then you should choose such a cream, which has a combination of honey with silicone.

Vitamin C and soy or licorice

When you are choosing vitamin-C to improve your skin tone and improve skin texture, then at that time keep in mind that creams containing vitamin-C contain soy or licorice as the main ingredient needed.
Because together with these two ingredients, Vitamin-C works even better. It plays an important role in improving the texture of your skin. That is, choose Vitamin-C to improve the texture of the skin. And while choosing a cream containing Vitamin-C, keep these two ingredients in mind.
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Niacinamide and Zinc

The use of niacinamide gives special benefits on the skin of people who have acne problems. Along with this, it is also helpful in making the skin tone light. Therefore, whenever you buy a cream that is supposed to remove acne, see that it should be niacinamide based.
This cream should contain Niacinamide 10% and Zinc 1%. In this situation, it also enhances the complexion of your skin and is also helpful in removing your acne problem from the root.
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To get rid of acne scars

To remove the fine marks formed on the face after the problem of acne scars, you should choose a cream that contains a mixture of retinoid acid and glycolic acid. This face cream also helps in removing the problem of pigmentation along with acne scars.
Always keep in mind that all the products mentioned here are better to use at night. Because after applying them the skin becomes very sensitive. Also, it is mandatory to use sunscreen in the morning. So that you can get the full benefit of these products.

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