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 organic elderberry syrup recipe

How to make an Organic Elderberry Syrup Recipe

by Alex Hales

The elder plant’s berries, blossoms, and bark have long been appreciated by herbalists worldwide. Contemporary research has shown the berries’ capacity to support our immune system’s normal healthy functioning. Elderberry is an excellent plant ally to promote resilience because the winter holidays come to mind when our bodies systems are most challenged. Variations of elderberry syrup are used as a topping for pancakes, oatmeal, or pastries because they enhance the flavor of elderberries, which shines with a bit of sweetening. The additional preservative may enable you to consume your organic elderberry syrup recipe throughout the entire season. Here are the recipes for organic elderberry:

What is elderberry syrup?

A concentrated form of elderberry extract known as elderberry syrup is frequently combined with raw honey. An extract can be created using other bases, such as water, unlike a tincture, which is a plant extract in a foundation of vinegar or alcohol. Although elderberries don’t have a great flavor, you can improve them by combining them with other ingredients, such as cinnamon bark, which also has health advantages.

Use fresh or dried berries:

Elderberries can be used either fresh or dried to make organic elderberry syrup recipes. Since dried foods are typically simpler to find and preserve all year long, you can frequently utilize them. If you are using fresh berries, use twice as many dried berries for the recipe. 


Use a ceramic, glass, or non-reactive pan that won’t off-gas when making your syrup. When heating synthetic nonstick pans for the preparation of syrup, unpleasant chemicals are released. You can cook these recipes at your home. 

When using fresh elderberries, thoroughly wash them and remove the stalks. Keep them frozen until you are ready for cooking. Since frozen fruit typically yields more juice, some individuals choose to do this to break down the elderberries further. You can pluck elderberries from their stems with a fork to make elderflower wine and elderflower champagne. 

The stems are bitter and elder leaves bark, and roots are also deadly. Thus it is important to get rid of them. Pick through dried elderberries to remove any dried stems or leaves before giving them a brief rinse under the faucet if you’re using dried elderberries.

Use purified water:

Remember that the quality of your finished herbal product depends entirely on the initial materials, including water. You should use distilled, good spring water or filtered water.

Add other herbs:

Everyone has their recipe, each with small changes of this or that, and the same idea holds here. There isn’t just one way to make sauce. You can also add organic turmeric powder to the syrup. Therefore, have fun with your syrups. Cardamom tastes excellent, and you may add vanilla. 

Perfect ratio for making syrup:

It’s also acceptable to discover an elderberry syrup recipe that calls for one ounce of elderberries and 16 ounces of water. You need to simmer the liquid for 20 to 30 minutes to cut it in half after simmering, steeping, and straining. Utilizing the two-step simmering method to make thyme or syrup would cause a significant amount of the beneficial therapeutic compounds and lovely volatile oils in those herbs to be destroyed. These steps should be followed to avoid herb degradation from overcooking in syrups. 

Health climbs:

Your immune system won’t become stronger overnight with just one treatment. Although there is only sporadic scientific support for the claims about elderberry syrup, many people use it religiously as part of their winter time self-care routines. Along with raw honey from our bees, you also add fresh ginger and organic turmeric powder to the syrup.

The pepper corns give the syrup an excellent kick, while the black pepper helps the body absorb the turmeric. Additionally, to prevent heating the raw honey’s active components, raw honey is only added at the very end, when the syrup has cooled to practically room temperature.

Final Thoughts:

The elderberry syrup supports your immune system with organic ingredients. It plays a major role in promoting your health. You can easily get cured of cold and flu by acquiring elderberry syrup. It naturally contains vitamins A, B, and C to boost your energy. It is one of the most natural health drinks. 

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