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How to remove scratches from glasses? – Specxyfy

by Alex Hales

Do your glasses have scratches that you can’t seem to get rid of?

We’ve got the solution for you! This article will teach you how to remove scratches from glasses using everyday household items. You’ll be able to keep your glasses looking new with this simple guide.

Specxyfy Ways to remove scratches from your glasses

Glasses are essential to life but can be a pain when you scratch them. It takes just one little mistake of dropping or knocking off your glasses onto something hard enough for the lenses to chip, which gives anyone headaches. Specxyfy Scratches should be removed as soon they appear because any trace amount could lead to painful situations like forgetting where we put our specs earlier and then having a panic attack while looking for them, among other things.

Don’t give up on your glasses yet! There are still several ways you can use to remove scratches from the lens of a pair. The first thing that comes into play is using an appropriate cloth or paper towel, then apply mild baby soap with water mixed in it onto both sides until they’re damp but not too dripping wet before wiping off any excess liquid residue by moving along its edges carefully away from their stems as well if possible. Hence, no spotlights remain behind where those could cause further damage. Here are some ways you can try to remove scratches from your glasses:

1. Toothpaste –

The most common, inexpensive and time-saving process to remove unwanted scratches from glasses is applying non-abrasive toothpaste. Gently rub the scratched area with a dollop of gel or paste by using cotton balls or cloths before proceeding as follows: First, apply some clear cold water onto your hand so it’s damp enough not to leave behind any residue when wiping away any dirt that may have landed on them during playtime (play Histoplasmosis!). Then pick up one corner far away from where you want cleaning while tilting the side-to opposite direction 15 seconds later. Don’t worry if there are still some tiny scratches left behind. They will disappear soon.

2. Baking Soda –

Baking soda is a versatile ingredient in any kitchen because it can be used as an antacid, deodorant and even hair tonic! One way you might not have realized, though? As scratch remover for your glasses. Take one spoonful of baking mixed with half a spoonful of water to make a thick paste. Apply this on glass surface scratches using cotton ball or soft cloth rub area smoothly 10-20 seconds rinse off under cold water wipe away.

3. Vehicle cleaning wax

Vehicle glass polishing wax is a great option to remove scratches from both plastic lenses and windows. Cotton wool or soft cloth are used for applying the product on scratched areas, which should be gently rubbed until they disappear entirely.

4. Brass polish

One of the most time-consuming and expensive methods to remove scratches from plastic frames is brass polish. A small amount should be applied on a scratched part by applying cotton wool or soft cloth. Rub it for a good few minutes, after which the extra layer can then remove with clean, soft fingers avoiding direct contact between them because this could harm coatings.

5. Glass Etching cream –

Repairing scratched glasses with a glass etching cream effectively eliminates any scratches on your eyeglasses. Although there are many types available, one that contains hydrofluoric acid will work well for plastic frames too! Apply thick coats and let them dry before peeling off the surface- if you rub harder now, then what’s left behind should come together in small pieces so as not to damage anything else. Be careful when applying since this product damages lens surfaces more quickly than other items – leave only 5 minutes max per session; otherwise, they’ll start discolouring fast.

How to remove scratches from Prescription glasses?

We all know that prescription glasses can be tough on your budget. But you don’t have to let those scratches ruin the whole look! There are many ways to remove them without purchasing an expensive frame or lens treatment. Prescription glasses are more delicate than non-prescription ones, so they need special care.

Scratches from prescription lenses can be removed in the same way as clear or tinted eyeglasses – use caution when removing them because it’s easier to damage your frames if you’re not careful! Try toothpaste mixed into water for plastic sunglasses that have had trouble with scratches lately.

This will buff out most small marks on its own without too much effort required by us humans. Give some love here & there. Other options include cleaning away those pesky blemishes using white vinegar plus baking soda solutions.


If your glasses are scratched, and you don’t have a repair kit, here’s what to do. The good news is that most scratches can be removed with simple steps and materials you probably already have at home. With Specxyfy eyewear, you can get specific tips to make your glasses look new. Also, check out the website for a variety of glasses. Thanks for reading!

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