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Iphone Downloader Apps Available On App Store

by Alex Hales

If you don’t want to install apps on your PC, you can uninstall it using Windows Add/ Remove Programs. This feature is available in the Control Panel, part of the Windows Start menu. You can also find the uninstaller under All Programs or in the folder where the program was installed.


iDownloader for iPhone is an excellent download manager that allows users to browse and download a variety of files from a range of sources. It can be used to search for and download music, videos, photos, documents, and even web pages. Users can also pause and resume downloads. The application also has built-in security features that protect their privacy.

The interface of iDownloader is easy to use and includes a built-in file viewer to see your downloaded files. The apps is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. It also allows users to set a password or pattern lock to protect their downloads. This makes it particularly convenient for those who want to view media directly on their iPhone.

This apps supports a variety of file types and is very fast. It has a built-in file manager, robust document viewer, advanced PDF reader, full portrait and landscape mode support, tabbed browsing, and tap-and-hold to download images. It also offers features such as full screen mode, history, and password and pattern-locking.

iDownloader is one of the best video downloaders for iPhones and is free to download. Besides saving videos, iDownloader also offers other features, such as a web browser, password manager, media player, file viewer, and file director. Users can also save files from a wide range of sources, including YouTube.

Another important feature of iDownloader for iPhone is that it allows users to download media from websites offline. To download media, users must turn on the Sync Library in their iOS device. This feature is located in the Settings menu under Music.

Video Downloader Pro

This apps has many features. For starters, it lets you download multiple videos at once. It also allows you to choose the resolution for the video. You can choose from 144p up to 1080p or 4k. When you’ve decided what resolution you want, a pop-up dialog will ask you to set a download location. In addition, it will ask you to choose how many network threads to use to download the video.

The apps also offers advanced security features. You can choose to protect the videos you download by applying a password, and it can even save them in different folders. This app also supports Wi-Fi transfers, so you can transfer videos to other Apple devices without having to transfer them to your computer. The app’s interface is easy to use, with easy search and instant download capabilities.

Besides being an effective video downloader, it also includes a powerful video player. It’s also easy to set up playlists. The downloader also allows you to play the video in the background. You can also use the app’s file manager to manage and view the videos you’ve downloaded.

The free version of Video Downloader Pro for iPhone is not very useful for people who want to download only audio. The application supports up to 20 different video formats. This makes it a great choice for those who want to watch videos on the go. You can download videos with varying resolutions and quality. This app also allows you to put a passcode on the videos you download. The paid version of the app can also help you transfer the videos to the camera roll.

With this program, you can download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and many other video sharing websites. You can even save the videos to your iPhone or export them to other apps. You can also view them in your media player and watch them on your iPhone without any interruption.

Easy Downloader

Easy Downloader for iPhone is a multi-functional download manager that makes downloading files a breeze. It includes an in-built browser, media player, and search engine and offers a variety of download file formats. Moreover, it can unzip and compress files as well. Easy Downloader is also compatible with a number of cloud services including Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

The app includes an inbuilt browser, media player, search engine, multi-tab support, and the ability to compress and unzip files. The application is fast and responds to users’ queries. It is available in six languages. Besides, it offers a number of other features that will make downloading files easier.

Users can download documents, photos, and videos from websites using the app. Once downloaded, they can be opened in a variety of applications, including the Photos application. This way, the files can be used as if they were taken by their own camera. In addition, users can also access downloaded files when offline.

Easy Downloader is one of the most popular video downloaders for iPhone. This app can download any file type. Simply copy the link to the media you wish to download and it will begin downloading in the background. This application is free, but it comes with in-app purchases for extra features. It is available in six languages and is compatible with iOS or later.

This application supports more than 30 video formats.


The Iphone Downloader with Transloader is an app which allows you to download files to your iOS device. The program is accessible from the Share menu on the iPhone. Simply select the file you want to download and tap the GET button to begin the process. Once the download has started, you will be notified when it is finished.

The Transloader app is available for both Macs and iOS devices. If you’re using a Mac, Transloader can be displayed in the menu bar or Dock. You can copy and paste URLs from your iOS device into the URL input field on the Transloader iOS application. Once the URL is copied, the app will add it to the queue. This queue is synced with the iCloud system. You can also manually add URLs to the queue by tapping the plus (+) button.

Another feature of the Transloader app is its history feature. This feature lets you easily review downloaded files. This is something that iCloud Drive doesn’t do, but this app makes it easy. It also supports drag-and-drop for quick access to files. You can even share links to other apps and devices.

The Transloader app is a great tool for downloading files from iOS devices to Macs. The program uses your iCloud account to sync files, storing metadata about the files you download. In addition, it can be used to send files from an iOS device to a Mac.

Video Saver Pro

Video Saver Pro for iPhone is a free video downloader that lets you save videos from Facebook and Instagram, as well as other websites. It also has an in-built media player and file manager to help you find the videos you want to download. The app can save videos in a variety of formats, with excellent picture quality. Once you’ve saved the videos, you can play them on your iPhone or other devices, share them with friends, and more. The video downloader also supports all iPhone models and allows you to export videos to your camera roll.

Video Saver Pro supports most common video formats and includes support for GoogleCast. It has a free version that is ads-free and a paid version with full features. Video Saver Pro is a unique media downloader for iPhone that meets all of your media downloading needs. The program has a built-in browser that lets you easily browse any site, download videos, and share them with others.

Video Saver Pro for iPhone downloader features smart downloading, and it supports multiple formats. In addition to download videos, it can also download audio files, documents, and other files. Moreover, it has the ability to download more than 50 videos at once. Besides, it includes a viewer and file manager, and it’s free.

Video Saver PRO for iPhone downloader has a built-in video player, which lets you watch videos you’ve copied, and it can convert those videos into MP3 files. It also has a video editor function to help you edit your videos. Once you’ve copied a video link, Video Saver Pro for iPhone downloader will detect it automatically and download it to your iPhone. You can then store the downloaded video in any location you like.

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