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by Alex Hales

How to start successfully selling your training courses online? Of course, with the right software development Liverpool. But where do you start with over 500 learning management and learning software products ?

To help you decide which program is right for you, I’ve summarized the key features, functionality, and pricing structure of the top four training solutions for a quick comparison.

One small note about “Will it suit your needs?” sections – each product I have listed here has standard LMS features such as course management, reporting, and SCORM compliance. However, the table for each product simply highlights the features you need to effectively brand and sell your courses to external clients; it does not represent all the features included in every solution.

DigitalChalk – An LMS that puts you in complete control

This is for you?

DigitalChalk is a web-based, self-paced, on-demand e-learning solution. While it may provide in-house training, it is primarily for companies that sell online courses, especially those that provide continuing education, such as those in real estate and insurance.

If you are interested in any kind of live or instructor-led training, DigitalChalk is not for you.

Will it suit your needs?

Because DigitalChalk focuses on lifelong learning and regulated industries, its biggest differentiator is its exceptional tracking capabilities. As one client commented, “The testing, checkpoints and integrity insurance during training are second to none.”

Blended LearningYes – Video/Audio, Flash, YouTube, Nothing LiveDevelopment ToolsYes – Embedded Development ToolsEvaluationYes – Quiz Creation Tools, Hard QuestionsCertificationYes – Track & Print, No Auto MessagesCustom BrandingYes – Subdomains OnlyE-CommerceYes – No Multi-Currency or PayPalMulti-LanguageYes

What do others think?

Customers recommend DigitalChalk for its “impressive development environment” and choose it for its e-commerce features.

Customers have noted that learning the system takes some time, but DigitalChalk offers free training and plenty of online documentation to help you get up to speed quickly.

Will it break the bank?

DigitalChalk offers pay-as-you-go (monthly subscription) based on the number of courses taken plus an installation fee. If you only offer a few courses, you can get started for about $200 per month plus $400 for setup. They offer a free demo.

Firmwater LMS – LMS for training companies

This is for you?

Firmwater LMS is a web-based solution designed from the ground up for education companies and content publishers. It is recommended for small and medium-sized companies and is designed to train a minimum of 50 people.

Will it suit your needs?

Firmwater’s biggest difference is its full e-commerce integration and scoring engine.

Blended learningNo – Full screen video availableDeveloper toolsNo but compatible with SCORMAssessmentYes – Quiz tools, challenging questionsCertificationYes – Manage and track Custom brandingYes – Personal domain, company logo, customer portalsE-commerceYes – Multicurrency, Debit/Credit/PayPalMultilingualYes – Spanish, French

What do others think?

Clients recommend Firmwater for its flexible and affordable pricing structure, as well as its simple and intuitive user interface.

Customers have commented that this is a great product for small content publishers who are publishing content for the first time, especially those with a small IT infrastructure.

Will it break the bank?

Firmwater has a monthly subscription based on course start and there is no setup fee. Prices start at $295 per month for 50 courses. They offer a free 14 day trial.

Learn Upon – LMS designed for learning companies

This is for you?

Learn Upon is a web-based solution for vocational training companies that have 50 or more active users/customers. Learn Upon is ideal for companies that have LMS experience and are focused on compliance, on-the-job training, mandatory training, and interpersonal skills training.

Will it suit your needs?

Learn Upon’s main differentiators are its customer portal, e-commerce features, and course licensing.

Blended LearningYes – Video, AudioDevelopment ToolsYes – Add Documents, Images, Text, Upload SCORMEvaluationYes – Quiz Creation Tools, Real-time Feedback debit / credit / PayPalMultilingualyes

What do others think?

Customers recommend Learn Upon, stating, “Many of the features that make sales training possible are free with Learn Upon but paid for through others.”

Customers commented that the technical support and responsiveness are “first class” and that Learn Upon is constantly improving the product with new releases every few weeks.

Will it break the bank?

Learn Upon has a monthly subscription based on the number of active users. There is no installation fee. Pricing starts at $99 per month and they offer a free 30 day trial.

JumpStart Training – Successful eLearning Business

This is for you?

JumpStart Training is a web-based solution for training, consulting, coaching or consulting firms that want to deploy and sell their online courses and certification testing to clients.

Will it suit your needs?

Training JumpStarts’ biggest differentiator is its ability to customize everything through the portal and its extensive multilingual support, making it a great choice for companies operating internationally.

Blended LearningYesDevelopment ToolsYes – Video, Flash, HTMLAssessmentYes – Exam Gorilla – Online Exam SoftwareCertificationYes – Management, Custom CertificatesCustomized BrandingYes – Custom Domain, Logo, Business Rules, SSOe-CommerceYes – Multicurrency, Debit/Credit/PayPalMulti-languageYes – Extensive Support

What do others think?

Customers recommend Training JumpStart due to its many features and customization options. Customers have also commented on the excellent customer support.

Will it break the bank?

JumpStart training has a monthly subscription based on the number of students. Installation fees are several thousand dollars, plus user fees ranging from $4 per month to less than $1 per month. They offer a free live demo.

All four solutions are great choices, but may not work for you. As with any software you consider, the most important factor in deciding if it’s right for you is to try the system out first. The demo or trial version ensures that the user interface, business processes, and vendor support/maintenance are right for your company.

For more information on these and other educational solutions, visit our educational software catalog or contact one of our advisors.


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