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Promote Facebook’s posts for customized and like viewers

by Alex Hales

Comparing Facebook’s native tools with Followers Pro, the tool for boosting posts on Facebook cannot help you promote posts to a specific audience, as we’ve seen earlier in this article. If you use Followers Pro, you can!

If you want to auto boost the post, Followers Pro takes the post ID and utilizes this to make an advertisement that is a standard Facebook advertising campaign. This provides you with all the options for traditional ad targeting.

Here’s an example from the settings for auto post boosting that I’ve set to target a similar audience. In Followers Pro, all the same options for audience targeting you’d have in an ad campaign are available to target when you boost your auto-posts.

Do I need to automatize Instagram and Facebook promotion of posts?

As I have briefly mentioned, there are many highly effective Facebook ads where post boosting plays a significant function. For instance, you can instantly use the most effective and efficient organic Instagram posts to create ads and then promote them in Facebook’s news feed by automating boosts to posts. Facebook news feed to a custom or similar viewers click here.

As you took away from the four post-boosting examples, I presented The following benefits of making this process more efficient.

Put your money into the performance.

Instead of promoting posts that you believe will perform well and be successful, you could promote posts that have already proved their worth by establishing a set of criteria for performance that causes the post that needs to be promoted. When you set up an automated process to do this, you can guarantee that it will happen and without fail promptly.

Make your own rules.

With Followers Pro, auto-boosting allows you to define conditions determining the automation process to boost. Each post boosted by automation has options for promotion conditions campaigns, ad sets, packed audience, and set settings.

Reduce time spent on manual labor

Followers Pro is available 24 hours a day and takes the responsibility of analyzing whether or not the post needs to be promoted; and will then increase the amount without the need to sign in and perform it by yourself for every post. If you’re interested in how to automate manual Facebook advertising tasks, go through our complete guide to Facebook advertising automation.

Keep up-to-date

You’ll be informed via Slack or email when a post is auto-boosted. You can also create a sophisticated Followers Pro report that reveals what each promoted post is performing against the performance metrics you have chosen.

Continuous tracking and attributing

You can easily attach the tracking and attribution parameters to promoted posts to guarantee that each promoted post is precisely tracked.

It could appear that Followers Pro auto post boosting is best suited for businesses that run massive campaigns. Still, I’ll give one example from my own experience, which shows that it works great for smaller campaigns.

My friend from Berlin is an active feminist. Her most recent post about the use of gender-neutral words in everyday language and its impact on it has drawn an enormous amount of attention from the communities she is part of. There are thousands of Followers, and they are adding new content posted each day. They’re searching for ways to expand their reach and increase their following. This is precisely where Followers Pro auto post boosting can be helpful. It helps her automatically boost organic content that eventually becomes popular followerspro.

Another example is a company for marketing which has employees who are focused on Facebook ads and the creation of content. They can use their resources, but they choose to make the most of the time they devote to advertising posts by hand. By squeezing in half an hour in a few places and allowing more space for imagination, and allowing Followers Pro’s algorithms to perform the tasks that could be automated. Even if it’s just 30 minutes per day saved, the amount is over three months of effort. https://businessfixnow.com/

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