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Rainbow Dash Jar | My little Pony Jar Cum Story

by Alex Hales

Rainbow Dash Jar | The story of my little pony Jarcum

If you are in a Walmart store, it is possible to be a My Little Pony Jar or a Rainbow Dash Jar. A young woman can’t wait to buy your product. You can play with her often, and she can share all of your memories. To be there for her forever, you must look at your sides to see all your pony friends have left.

You don’t get restless, but you don’t panic over it. It’s easy to imagine them off with other children. But then, you see him. The 500-pound, bristly, fedora-wearing, hair tingling, paunch button out, hair tingling, My little pony-jar, pink-shirted headbeard enters the jar area, uneasiness and misery you the second that you see him.

His breath is emit from the entire fucking shop, unfortunately even you as a jar can smell it. The neckbeard also sees that there aren’t any ponies. He eventually has a sad look on his face. He doesn’t see you until he sees your Rainbow Dash jar, which is covered in plastic.

Gets the Rainbow Dash Jar without thinking

Grabs the Rainbow Dash container and quickly gets it. The assistant is in complete shock and disarray. He still acknowledges that he bought the plastic in any case. It is obvious how passionately he holds the plastic. He soon approaches his 2007 Honda Civic, which has been painted pink and decorated with My Little Pony characters. He expressly mentions the ponies and drives up to his home in his carport a few hours later. The neckbeard looks at you with dissatisfaction and says, “We will have decent fellowship, Ms. out.”

Rainbow Dash Jar” – he invites you to his room and shows you many other pony jars. They look strange, as they have a white liquid all over. The liquid is not obvious, but you can see the neckbeard dripping down. He places a container under his groin and pulls down his pants. Then he begins to stroke with his 3″ penis.

My Little Pony Jar is not enough

But it is not enough. After he has done this for a few years you are forced to sit in the same spot for six savage decades. It’s over, and you have a better idea of the truth after 6 years. During those years, you’ve gained knowledge about the human body as a whole and the neckbeard. Then, he brings the container to you. Finally, he takes you out of the plastic. The container is then revealed. He has an old yellow cum container. He places a cap over it and plunges you into his thick love squeeze. This will keep you safe for a considerable amount of time.

In those time periods, an atomic war broke out, killing everyone and destroying everything on Earth. The cum container and you are the only survivors. Two outsiders eventually stop by the abandoned planet to grab the container and take it to their UFO for evaluation. Two outsiders focus on the cum container. It feels like you’ll be able to escape this hell soon. They continue to talk until one of them states, “This looks like gay poop. Simply toss in space.” At that point, the two outsiders take it out into space.. forever.

4chan Guy Completes His Disgusting Mission to A My Little Pony Jar? 

This is the last section of a container containing organic liquids. It was created around 2014. Warning: Below is extremely gross and disgusting stuff.

He was using the first banner case to collect his discharges. What was the name of this little venture? “The Pony Cum Jar Project.” He unfortunately left his “cum container” too close to a radiator and heated up his My Little Pony puppet with his own basic liquid.

Believe it or not. He claims to have kept a container filled with semen in his radiator and heated the Rainbow Dash jar within the container.

Warning: This is horrendous. It’s a Rainbow Dash Jar doll inside a container filled with extremely gross-looking fluid

He claimed that the smell was too bad and that he was giving it up. He also stated that he expected to cover the container, which is what is usually expected.

The container prevailed. Our saint also returned victorious to the/mlp board this week to post what he believes to be the last update on the adventure: He is moving it into a safer container.

He uploaded a video showing the exchange. It took place in a container that looks like a Yankee Candle container (???). He posted a video of the exchange, from one container that looks like a Yankee Candle container (???) to another safer container. You will be amazed when Rainbow Dash Jar finally appears!

BuzzFeed contacted the jizzmaster via email and asked: Why?

He replied, “Sheer interest and logic examination.” It sounds great.

More about

Pony Cum Jar Project refers to a series of viral 4chan strings that was post by an unknown/mlp/client. He shared progress photos of the glass container which contained a Rainbow Dash Jar doll, which he had been filling with semen. After the cl

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