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Sravanthi Chokarapu

Sravanthi Chokarapu (Big Boss Contestant) Age, Bio, & Husband!

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Well, According to Sravanthi Chokarapu, an Indian anchor and well-known broadcaster, if people want to be motivated and inspired, they must be aware of the success stories of those who have previously achieved it. She does her anchoring business in Telugu. Sravanthi Chokkarapu was born on February 25, 1980, and as of 2022, she will be 42 years old. Learn more about her life story, family, career, and wealth.

Sravanthi Chokarapu is an Indian native of Hyderabad, Telangana. Sravanthi is a well-known figure who is also respected for her diligence. Sravanthi has made countless appearances on Maa TV and the Gemini channel since she first started her professional career as a YouTube anchor.

Due to her participation in the Nagarjuna-hosted OTT Big Boss House, Sravanthi Chokkarapu is growing in fame. She has admitted that she was married twice on the show during a conversation. She also mentioned that she frequently deals with fat shaming on her social media accounts. She is a hugely popular contestant on the Bigg Boss continuous version of the show.

Big Boss Sravanthi Sravanthi Age: All the Crucial Details! 

Here, we will talk about Big Boss Sravanthi age in detail. Sravanthi Chokkarapu, 42, was born and reared in Hyderabad, Telangana, an Indian city. Sravanthi does not frequently divulge her private details on social media sites. Her family is Hindu, and she is an Indian citizen.

On the program, she admitted that after her family rejected her spouse, she first fled and then married. In addition, she disclosed that she had been married twice, but she did not mention the names of her parents, husband, or child.

She began her professional career as a host, but after becoming well-known at Studio One, she gained notoriety. She attended a neighborhood school in her hometown for her formal education before completing her studies at the University of Auburn.

As of 2022, Sravanthi Chokarapu weight was 58 kg, and her height was almost 5 ft 7 in. The crowd was thrilled by Sravanthi Chokkarapu’s amazing sense of style. More than 150 thousand people follow her official Instagram account @sravanthi chokarapu. She routinely uploads beautiful images and lip-sync videos to Instagram.

Sravanthi Chokkarapu Profession

Sravanthi Chokkarapu is a well-known host and a seasoned Indian anchor. Telugu is the language used most frequently by this Indian Anchor. She is currently thriving thanks to the comedy show and “Sridevi Drama Company.” She began her professional career with Mativi but became well-known in Studio One.


She began working professionally as a YouTube anchor. She has made several appearances on programs on the Gemini Channel and Maa Tv. Additionally, she was seen in the OTT Big Boss House. She is now making waves due to her presence on the comedy series “Sridevi Drama Company.”

Sravanthi Chokkarapu’s Age and Life History

As of 2022, Sravanthi Chokarapu will have lived 42 years after her birth, making her 42 years old. If we were to discuss her horoscope, he would be a Pisces because of his February 25th birth. She practices Hinduism as her faith. 

Nation of Sravanthi Chokkarapu 

Sravanthi Chokkarapu’s age, date of birth, religion, and zodiac sign have all been discussed. Now that it is time to discuss his nationality, we’d like to let you know that he was raised in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, which is why he has Indian citizenship.

Sravanthi Chokkarapu’s Parents

Although Sravanthi Chokarapu was born into an Indian household, the names of her parents have not yet been updated. 

Bigg Boss Sravanthi Husband: Everything You Need to Know About it!

If we are talking about Big Boss Sravanthi husband, we want to let you know that she is married, but the name of her spouse is not listed anywhere online. 

She fell in love with her partner, but when her family wouldn’t accept him as her partner, she fled her home and wed him. She said that she had two prior marriages.

Sravanthi Chokkarapu’s Height and Weight

If Sravanthi Chokarapu stature is something, we will discuss it here. We want to let you know that she is 58 kilograms and 5 feet 7 inches tall. Sravanthi began her professional career with Mativi, but Studio One is what propelled her into the public eye.

She enthralls the crowd with her exquisite sense of style. There was a Chokkarapu in the OTT Big Boss House. The Gemini channel and Maa Tv. She is the leader of a comedy show and the Sridevi Drama Company.

Sravanthi Chokkarapu Net Worth

Sravanthi is a well-known Indian anchor, and although her earnings are excellent, her net worth is one crore rupees.


The 42-year-old Sravanthi Chokkarapu was raised in Hyderabad, Telangana, an Indian city. Sravanthi seldom makes her information public on social networking platforms. She is an Indian citizen, and her family practices Hinduism.

Sravanthi is a well-known individual who is admired for her assiduity. Sravanthi began her professional career as a YouTube anchor, and since then, she has appeared innumerable times on Maa TV and the Gemini channel.

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