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Styles and Eras of Vintage Jewelry

by Alex Hales

There are many styles and eras of vintage jewelry. Some are Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Edwardian, Retro, and Mid-Century. Knowing the details of each will help you find the best pieces. Vintage jewelry is also a great way to add a personal touch to your wardrobe.

Art Nouveau

The famous jewelers of the Art Nouveau style included Rene Lalique, Henri Vever, Georges Fouquet, Macel Wolfers, and Louis Comfort Tiffany. Their jewelry was distinguished by their use of semi-precious stones and base metals. Fouquet’s exquisite pieces were often textured gold, with enamel and mother-of-pearl accents.


Diamonds adorned many pieces of Edwardian vintage jewelry. This was due to the discovery of diamond mines in South Africa during the 1880s. Diamonds were used to symbolize wealth, power, and stability. Pearls were also popular during this time period, and they were often encased in diamonds to create elegant jewelry pieces. An example of this kind of jewelry is a pearl, diamond, and cat’s eye alexandrite cabochon pendant.


Retro jewelry traces its origins to the late twentieth century, when new technological advances were applied to jewelry making. Jewelers developed new designs and methods for their jewelry, making it possible to make dazzling pieces that matched one another. This era also saw improvements in mounting and setting techniques. The result was jewelry that was lightweight and impressively precise. Van Cleef & Arpels’ invisible setting style, which featured perfectly cut gemstones, was a popular style during the decade. Other companies produced innovative pieces that resembled subway tile patterns, including Tiffany & Co’s Ultra-Retro Buckle Bracelet, designed in 14K rose gold with a subway tile pattern and studded with twenty-two round faceted rubies and three transitional-cut diamonds.


Jewellery in the Mid-Century era was often delicate and feminine. Popular styles of engagement rings often had a halo of sapphires, while earrings dangled from the ear. Designs influenced by Ancient Greek and Roman style were common. Mid-century jewelry also featured bold gemstones and fun figural and floral motifs. Today, vintage Mid-Century jewelry is becoming increasingly popular and is an excellent choice for fine statement jewelry.

Art Deco

During the twenties, Art Deco jewelry was quite popular. The popularity of the style did not die down until the Second World War, when economic turmoil reduced the amount of money that rich people spent on jewelry. This led artisans to study and develop more affordable ways to produce jewelry. As a result, Art Deco necklaces and engagement rings gradually fell out of favor in the market.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern jewelry was popular in the 1960s, but it was not just for engagement rings. The style was also great for a night out on the town, particularly paired with a colorful stone cocktail ring. Not only would you never run out of diamonds, but a colored stone ring would also guarantee you a hangover-free night. This style was inspired by the avant-garde movement of pre-war Europe. It was a reaction against the excessive displays of wealth that were common in that era.

Art Deco engagement ring

If you’re in the market for a new engagement ring, you may want to consider an Art Deco engagement ring. While the style isn’t as popular today, it has a rich history and a unique aesthetic. In addition to its unique aesthetic, this style is also ideal as an investment piece.

Art Deco bracelet

An Art Deco bracelet is a classic and elegant way to accessorise with rich colour, geometric detail and slim lines. The 1920s was a time of opulence and unbridled celebration, and the Art Deco style captured this decadence in its finest form. A SapphireAura gemstone and Art Deco design bring the style to life on this Art Deco bracelet.

Art Deco ring

When choosing an engagement ring, you can’t go wrong with an Art Deco style. These designs are beautiful, but they can be expensive to buy. You should look for a reputable retailer, and try on the rings to make sure they’ll fit your fiancé. A reputable retailer will also be able to authenticate the ring. The jewelry should also be repaired carefully to maintain its original look.

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