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The 6 types of shoes that every woman

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by Alex Hales

Give a woman the right shoes and she can take on the world. That is because of that ultimate feeling of happiness. Opening the shoebox. The pleasant creaking of the protective film is wrapped perfectly around your new pearls. The smell of fresh leather. They are somewhat stiff material when they touch your foot for the first time. The protective feeling that dominates your day when you take them outside for the first time. And the panic when the first scratch in your relationship appears. The relationship between shoe and person is special, and I have almost no words for it. Although I am firmly convinced that this relationship should be cherished at all times. But, a little cheating isn’t really that much of a problem either. And by not really I mean not at all.Because we want to get to know as much footwear as possible. In as little time as possible. Because you can never have enough shoes. So no to shoe monogamy. There are a lot of varieties of all kinds of shoes available on Dolce Vita shoes. You can pick your favorite one from there. 

#1 The Ankle Boot

The boot to the ankle. Can’t go wrong with much. Nice in all four seasons because it can be worn with skirts, dresses, and pants. Personally, I like to go for a model with a cool print; in this way, he makes every outfit a little more exciting. But the minimalist cases can also be oh-so-stylish. Anyways, whatever your personal preference for the ankle boot may be; this relationship is worth fighting for.

#2 Sneakers

Why sneakers are so great? They run fine. Not only on the street, but you can even handle them over grass, grids, and pebbles. No swinging singles. No blisters. Up and down stairs; no problem. It also makes us secretly a bit happy when going out. 1. We can dance normally and 2. We don’t have to walk back barefoot after a long night of partying because we are dying of pain. So those who like to be safe, go for sneakers.

#3 Thigh High Boots

You really see them everywhere. And I admit; they are therefore impossible to miss. It might be a little awkward at first, but once you know how to handle them, they can be terribly sexy and sophisticated. And those over-the-knee boots are the perfect items to wear summer clothes into winter. Under such a trendy pleated skirt, for example. Or a sweater dress. It is all completely according to the latest fashion.

#4 Loafers

The must-have shoe among bloggers, fashionistas, it-girls, models, designers, and anyone who has anything to do with the fashion world.  That is why it is also a true must-have to get your home now.  From Gucci loafers to  Karl Lagerfeld’s black and white loafers; I will always have a  crush on these shoes. 

#5 Biker booties

These boots are very, but really very, very attractive. So nice it almost hurts. A bit of the bad boys under the boots. Only in this case, it is not wrong to go for such a boot. In fact, there is hardly a better option. These shoes are among the most worn-out cases in my shoe wardrobe; and why? Because I love them most of all. Read it also.

#6 High heels

Sexy, flexy heels. Every woman has the right to feel sexy as hell. Like a real diva.  Confidence is for everyone. And you sure. Make a simple outfit completely on point by adding a pair of heels. Or be the best version of yourself and put them on for a night out. Make them crazy!

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