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The Great Gatsby Complete Audiobook

The Great Gatsby Complete Audiobook

by Alex Hales

The Great Gatsby Complete Audiobook

In the critical-literary panorama, writing a critical summary of The Great Gatsby will have the same meaning as trying to explain Jesus Christ, in Postposmo we choose to highlight ten moments that help to explain his message in a special summary, for example. book. This decalogue and key moments of The Great Gatsby are loaded with spoilers.

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1. Where is Jay Gatsby?

Nick Carraway, the first-person narrator of this story, has spent several pages sowing the seeds of the reader’s curiosity about the character that gives the novel its name. Especially when he says this: “I will not try to enter the human heart again. Only Gatsby, my neighbor, will be an exception. Gatsby, who represents everything I despise.”

2. Cogorza à la Fitzgerald

In the previous point, we have quoted a great description of what is drunk nice. For the championship pedal, F. Scott Fitzgerald (who knows what he is talking about) prefers to show a parade of scenes were grotesque, incoherent, hyperbole, and ellipsis come together.

Things happen because they happen, without having to look for many reasons beyond the passing of spirits, capable of bringing out the best and worst of each character in The Great GTAsby. We got a good look when Nick went out partying with Tom and his lover at a friend’s house:

It’s nine o’clock; almost immediately afterwards I looked at the clock and found that it was ten o’clock. (…) The little dog was on the table looking without seeing through the smoke that filled the room, and from time to time it moaned softly. People disappeared, reappeared, where did they plan to go, then disappeared, searched and found again a meter away. Sometime around midnight, Tom Buchanan and Mrs. Wilson had fallen out, arguing in passionate voices about whether Myrtle had the right to say Daisy’s name.
With a short, precise movement of his hand, Tom broke his nose.

3. birthday

In short, this book is a summer story. The summer in which Nick Carraway joins the garden and the garden with Gatsby marked him so much that he dedicated this novel to him as a posthumous memory.

As much as Nick Carraway is the narrator, the protagonist is Jay Gatsby. To the constant curtain of fog that accompanies the millionaire (a person that we can never be sure of his past or present), we must add the rather mysterious personality of Nick Carraway, who is completely overshadowed: by We will get to know. very few details that, more than helping us to draw his character, help to increase the impact that meeting Gatsby had on him.

After serving in World War 1, Nick moved to New York to try his hand at finance. He is far away from his family and doesn’t know anyone except his cousin Daisy. F. Scott Fitzgerald does not tell us anything about his life or his daily life. Only what is strictly related to Gatsby? Nick is the one who, after witnessing a heated argument between Daisy (Gatsby’s love) and Tom, realizes that today is his birthday. Gatsby and Nick are lonely people, but each is on his own path.

The love story between Nick and Jordan (one can almost say No love story) hardly appears as a subplot. Nick is blessed with a strong collection of principles and values ​​​​that we hardly have the pleasure of knowing except in extracts like this:

His gray eyes, hooded in the sun, continued to look forward, but Jordan has deliberately changed our relationship, and for a moment I thought he loved her. Anyway, I am a slow-thinking person full of internal rules that act as a brake on my desire, and I know that before I had to make something very clear in my hometown. He still writes weekly letters and continues to sign them: “All love, Nick.” (…) We all imagine ourselves to have at least one of the cardinal virtues; In my case, I think I am one of the few honest people I know.

4. White card

What is the great Gatsby that everyone is talking about? What should we do to be invited to one of their parties? F. Scott Fitzgerald managed to infect us with the Gatsby VIP socialite aura not by explaining it, but by showing it. What is good literature but this itself? Here’s Jay Gatsby at the wheel:

With fenders like outstretched wings we spread light across half of Astoria; only half, because when we weaved between the pillars of the elevated railway I heard the familiar roar of a speeding motorbike, and the frantic police caught us.

“Okay, kid,” Gatsby yelled at him, slowing down.
He took a white card from his wallet and waved it in the lawman’s eyes.
“You’re right,” said the policeman, raising his hand to his cap. Excuse me!

Does anyone live in the Breakers?

The Breakers is a 70-room Gilded Age mansion built by Cornelius Vanderbilt II in 1893. Vanderbilt heirs have lived there for many years, but soon, Paul Szápáry, 67, will not live there anymore… The Preservation Society bought the Breakers from the heirs of Countess Gladys Széchenyi after she died in 1998.

What is Solomon’s net worth? Then there is King Solomon, who is said to receive some $40 billion in gold every year as tribute. That helped bring his fortune of $ 2.2 trillion.

What is Jakob Fugger worth?

His net worth at the time of his death was approximately 2 million guilders, which allows for inflation to be approximately US$309 billion (in 2020 dollars). At the time of his death in 1525, Fugger’s personal wealth was equal to 2% of Europe’s GDP.

Jakob is a bastard
relative Anton Fugger, nephew

What is the richest family in the world? The Waltons are the richest family in the world, worth $238 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The Walton family has sold about $6.5 billion in Walmart stock since the start of 2020.

Summary of The Great Gatsby | A guide to understanding the great novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald

In short The Great Gatsby, It is a masterpiece and we are going to explain why. Some novels have so much and so little. Not 200 pages of The Great Gatsby from Fitzgerald. In 1925, the same year that John Dos Passos launched the great Manhattan TransferFrancis Scott Fitzgerald published his own version of things.

America’s version of money drives everyone crazy while, in the background, the classic story of love, friendship, and the lifelong rivalry continues to unfold. In his novel, Dos Passos uses about 40 characters. For Scott Fitzgerald, by the way (and with the permission of Nick Carraway), it was only one: the magnificent and unforgettable Jay Gatsby.

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