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Apple iOS Glitches

Apple iOS Glitches and Fixes Done by Technicians at Phone Repair Stores

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The iPhone and all other cell phones have unimaginably simplified our daily routines. While Apple’s products are undoubtedly more expensive than Android’s, they also provide more features. Naturally, everyone wants an iPhone since it contains capabilities no other phone can, but like any other piece of machinery, some issues might arise.There’s a good chance you’ll have a little heart attack if you encounter one of these problems and have no idea how to fix it. As a last resort, try setting the problems yourself without visiting a phone repair store.

IOS Glitches That Make You Visit a Phone Repair Store:

Below are some fundamental iPhone problems you may encounter, along with their fixes proposed by phone repair stores;

Overheating iPhone:

A common complaint from users is that their gadgets overheat. They further attest that they experience a swelling sensation and the opening of their cellphones on their own. While this issue applies to all smartphones, it manifests more frequently in iPhones for many reasons.


If your iPhone overheats using a specific app, put it in airplane mode. Disabling location services requires navigating to Preferences and then Privacy. We suggest this since the location service can pinpoint your location via satellite, Bluetooth, and cell tower.This may enable your phone to be very busy.

If your iPhone gets too hot when charging, unplug it for a while. Then reconnect the plug. It also helps if you take off the case from your gadget. It will prevent the pin from retaining heat and will not obstruct the phone’s heat radiation.

Wireless connections unable to connect:

The Apple forum is full of complaints from customers who have lost their Wi-Fi and cannot reconnect to a home network. Users claim to need help establishing a reliable Wi-Fi connection even while the network usually functions for other devices. You should check your proximity to the router before troubleshooting your phone. Verifying proper Wi-Fi connection also requires visual confirmation of the network.


To see if disconnecting and re-plugging your device or the router may help, you also could try restarting the device or the network. If it still doesn’t connect, you can reset the network configuration. One will restore mobile VPNs and APN settings together with the Wi-Fi connection credentials.

If the issue persists, visit a cell phone repair store, or know that you can reset factory settings by erasing everything. To avoid losing anything on your phone, you should back it up beforehand.

 Screen brightness too low:

Even though the light is set to maximum, some users claim to see a black screen still. It’s not just you, by the way; many others have had similar experiences. So don’t panic; just read over the instructions.


You can adjust this by going to your device’s settings, then accessibility, and finally, Screen Adaptations. The white point can be lowered using the button to fine-tune the color saturation to your liking. If the issue isn’t gone, try visiting a cell phone repair store in Murfreesboro.

Can’t connect to the app store:

Some customers have reported trouble accessing the App Store and temporary difficulties they encountered while installing apps. Messages stating that their smartphones temporarily cannot access the App Store are displayed.


A potential workaround for this is to adjust the phone’s date and time. Turn off the automatic setting and change the time and date yourself.

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Apple Gadgets Still Not Working? Rely on SD Cell Plus – The Best Apple Phone Repair in Murfreesboro:

Need help fixing the issues on your own? If your phone is broken, we advise you to go to the nearest phone repair store for assistance. Alternatively, you can visit SD Cell Plus, a reliable company where our technicians can fix any iPhone in only a few minutes. Furthermore, we support not only the iOS platform but also Android devices. So please don’t fret; see us right away.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to do when the iPhone is doing strange things?

Troubleshoot your iPhone if it starts acting odd. If you’re having issues with your iPhone, the first step should be to clean the screen. If your phone’s display is acting strange, check for dust or filth. If you have a third-party case or screen protector installed on your device, uninstalling it can help, as it could cause the problem.

Does resetting fix iPhone problems?

A reset can be the answer if the iPhone is acting up or freezing up on you. Back it up before resetting it to protect the safety of your content. You can copy your connections, texts, email accounts, device settings, applications, and files with iCloud.

How often should you reset your iPhone?

The only time you should restart your device is when you are trying to fix an issue. If that’s not the case, then it’s unneeded and wasteful to reboot your iOS device frequently. Only when an upgrade demands you can reboot your iPhones or iPads.

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