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What is the difference between perfume and eau de parfum

by Alex Hales

There are some questions whose answers have not been found even after years have passed. Even today people scratch their heads when they are asked, ‘What came first? The chicken or the egg!’

Exactly the same confusion happens to people when they have to choose between deodorant or eau de parfum
. It is easy to compare two things that fall in a single genre.

But perfume and deodorant belong to the same family. Both of these are fragrance or fragrance, but even after this, the genre of both is completely different.

If you want to know what is the difference between deodorant and perfume and which one is better and why, then read this article till the end.

Why are perfumes and deodorants different?

If you ask, are perfume and deodorant different products? So, the answer is yes. Perfume and deodorant are two completely different products. One is related to fashion and beauty while the other is related to active lifestyle.

But when it comes to distinguishing between the two, this task becomes quite difficult. But both these products are made to meet the different needs of the user and they do the same.

What is the difference between Perfume and Deodorant?(Difference between Perfume and Deo)

1. Perfume Essence


The perfume essence sets the basic difference between the two fragrances. Perfumes can contain up to 25% perfume essence, depending on the type of perfume you are going to buy.

The perfume has the highest perfume essence in the EDP category, while EDC or Eau De Fraiche has the least perfume essence. Perfume with high perfume essence leaves a strong and lasting fragrance when applied. A single spray can give you a pleasant smell for the whole day.


The amount of perfume essence in the deodorant is only 1-2%. This is the reason why the fragrance of deodorants is not sustainable for long. If you also want a long lasting fragrance, then use perfume.

2. Lasting


Even a small perfume bottle can last for at least two months. This is because the fragrance of perfume is very durable. Once applied, it can stay on for at least 12 hours. It also depends on what kind of perfume you are using.


A deodorant vial, even if it is 100-150 ml, does not last more than a month with regular use. This is also because the fragrance of the deodorant lasts only for a maximum of 4 hours.

3. Effect on Sweating :


No special ingredients are used in perfumes, which can have any effect on sweating from the body or control body odour.

To stop sweating, you have to resort to talcum powder or other anti-perspirant present in body spray. They absorb sweat and help keep you fresh for hours.


If you sweat a lot, then deodorant should be your first choice. The anti-perspirant present in deodorants not only prevents sweating but also gives you relief from the confusion caused by sticky sweat.

4. According To Use :


Since perfumes are very concentrated, they should never be applied directly to the skin. Perfume can always be applied on top of clothes or on hair. By applying perfume in this way, it creates a circle of fragrance around you. When you walk through a corridor, people are drawn to you by the scent.


In fact, the armpit or armpit is considered to be the most foul-smelling part of our body. If you are in a public area, the smell of sweat can also become a cause of embarrassment for you. In such a situation, never go to a crowded place without applying deodorant. Or if you are going to some place like the gym where sweating is bound to happen, then always use deodorant.

It is said that deodorant should always be applied directly on the skin. It can be used on damp skin 5 minutes after bath. It should not be applied on clothes or hair. Deodorant should be applied mostly in armpits or armpits. By applying on these places, it prevents sweating and controls the level of body odor. From here you can get best baby soap.

5. From Price point of view


Price is the biggest factor which makes the difference between perfume and deo much bigger. The cost of premium quality perfume of a good quality and expensive brand can range from lakhs to crores of rupees. But there are also many such brands in India, from which you can buy good quality perfume even in a low budget.


Generally the cost of deodorants is much less than that of perfumes. College students or school students who have a limited budget, it is not possible for them to spend money on buying expensive perfumes. That’s why they can easily use low budget deodorants.

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