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What State Makes The Most Money From Tourism?

by Alex Hales

One of the largest travel industries in the world is the tourism industry. Millions of tourists visit every year, making more than $110 billion in 2006. But why? What makes states in general make the most money from tourism? As a destination state, what does the real estate game look like? Is there a different makeup of tourist destinations every year? And where’s your state ranked in terms of out-of-state tourists?

New England and the Northeast are known for the cities, museums, beaches, and history they have to offer. In fact, the states of New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut make up the Northeast. However, some areas are more known for the money made by tourists. Some of the most popular areas are Florida, Florida Keys, Treasure Island and Santa Cruz Island. It is important to note that these places are not only tourist attractions; they are also tourist destinations.

While many readers think of the United States as being synonymous with tourism, there are many states that are more involved than others in the travel industry. Florida, California, and New York rank as the top three states by revenue from tourism. Of course, other states perform well in this particular area. With large populations in cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, these places are at the top of tourism’s list.

Average salary in Europe: this is what you earn in each country

Last 2021, the average Spanish salary stood at 1,751 euros per month, 20.2% lower than the average salary of the European Union, where it amounted to 2,194 euros per month. This is indicated by the “VIII Annual Adecco Monitor on Salaries”, in which it is pointed out that the gap between Spain and the EU, of 433 euros per month (5,316 euros per year), has been reduced by half a percentage point since 2019, after that it experienced a growth of 2.7% that year and 2.6% in 2018.

Spain is located in the intermediate zone of this ranking, in twelfth place, with 15 countries with lower average gross salaries.

Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary the countries with the lowest average salary

Below the average salary of 1,100 euros, are all the countries of Eastern Europe. Bulgaria is the country with the lowest remuneration, with only 562 euros gross per month. This country is followed by Romania, with 718 euros, Hungary, with 798 euros, Poland, with 833 euros, Croatia, with 863 euros, Latvia, with 892 euros, Slovakia, with 977 euros, Lithuania, with 1,007 euros, Greece, with 1,034 euros, Estonia, with 1,053 euros and the Czech Republic, with 1,078 euros.

Spain, Italy and Portugal, below average

We find below a group of countries that are below the European Union average but above 1,100 euros gross per month.

In this block, Italy is the country with the highest salary, with 2,074 euros gross per month, followed by Spain, with 1,751 euros, Slovenia, with 1,417 euros, Malta, with 1,329 euros, Cyprus, with 1,309 euros, and Portugal, with 1,106 euros.

Luxembourg and Denmark, the countries with the highest salary

The country with the highest average monthly gross salary in the European Union is Luxembourg, with a salary of 3,502 euros. This is followed by Denmark, with 3,458 euros and Germany, with 3,003 euros.

Below 3,000 euros we find Ireland, with 2,920 euros, the Netherlands, with 2,883 euros, Belgium, with 2,830 euros, Austria, with 2,788 euros, Sweden, with 2,623 euros, Finland, with 2,603 ​​euros and France, with 2,446 euros. .

Thus, we find a great disparity when it comes to salaries within the European Union. In fact, we find up to 2,940 euros of difference when comparing the average salary of Luxembourg and that of Bulgaria. A Luxembourger worker earns in one month the same as a Bulgarian worker in more than six months.

Of course, it is noteworthy that the salary gap has been reduced considerably since 2010, the year in which Luxembourg’s salary, of 2,900 euros, was eleven times higher than that of Bulgaria, which was barely close to 265 euros per month.


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